How I became an upholsterer and interior designer.

So here I go...writing a blog... I've been thinking about it for a while. So, time to get on with it, How I became an upholsterer and Interior Designer. Life sometimes brings opportunities in the strangest ways. I think it was one of those, 'sliding doors' moments. Co-incidence maybe or, 'everything happens for a reason. I met someone who knows someone etc. After 25 years in the caring profession I knew I wanted to do something different. Something that opened up my creative side in a different way with colour, texture, fabric and design. I discovered all these and more in a quirky little workshop in a small village in Cumbria. It was an Aladdins cave full of beautiful things and tools of the trade of upholstery. I felt like a child in a sweetie shop, hungry to get stuck in. Here is where I began my 4 year apprenticeship and loved every minute. I learnt a vast amount of skills and knowledge involving renovating antique furniture and upholstery. I went on to do some further training at the Ministry of Upholstery in Manchester. My passion for the work went from strength to strength. I couldn't get enough of all things involving, interior design. I launched Muster in 2016. I initially opened a shop in Penrith selling ethical ethnic home interiors and an upholstery service. I wanted to provide something a little different. I was kind tired of seeing greys and plaid...lets go for bold colours and textures. I get really enthused talking to customers about colours like turquoise, orange and yellow. Muster gained a reputation for being different...brilliant...just what I wanted. I closed the shop in 2018 for a number of reasons and moved it to Drybeck Farm where I live with my husband, 3 dogs and 4 horses. I now have my shop and upholstery workshop at Drybeck and Muster is going from strength to strength, keeping me busy full time. My upholstery service is available all year round whilst the shop is open April through to December. I am also studying Interior Design with the Institute of Interior Design in London. Thank you to all my friends, colleagues, customers and family who supported me on my journey. I love my work and I get to travel around Cumbria meeting all kinds of interesting people. The adventure continues and develops but more of that in my next blog.

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